Residual current monitor, Type B RN 5883

• According to IEC/EN 62 020, VDE 0663
• For AC and DC systems Type B, according to IEC/TR 60755
• To detect earth faults in grounded voltage systems
• 4 setting ranges from 10 mA to 3 A
• Manual reset, with alarm and pre-warning
• With adjustable switching delay
• Energized or de-energized on trip
• LED indicator for operation, pre-alarm and alarm
• With test function
• LED-chain indicates fault current
• As option with analogue output
• Broken wire detection
• Width: 52.5 mm

MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150629179 MTS RHM0370MD701S1G6100
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150702186 MTS DF050P0
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150716182 MTS APA0300MD211B8028
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150715070 MTS APA0300MD211B8028
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150717089 MTS RHMRr0950mp02 isig3100
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/61 AC50/60HZ 110V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/61 AC50/60HZ 230V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/61 AC50/60HZ 24V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/61 AC50/60HZ 48V
Dold Vietnam BD5980N.02 AC50/60HZ 110V
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GM40-E-V1
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GM50-WO
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GM50-WO-V13
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GM50-WS
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GM50-WS-V12
Bernstein Vietnam ASI ENK Riw                  B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI ENK Riw D                N
Bernstein Vietnam ASI ENK VTU                  B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI ENK VTU D                N
Bernstein Vietnam ASI PROG SW + KBL            B
Pepperl Fuchs Vietnam Sensor
Model: NJ1.5-8GM-N
Keumsung Vietnam Keumsung Electronic Auto Drain Trap
Model: 4488-E
Spec: 220V-60HZ
(50 HZ, 200 oF)
Part No: 4488-00203
Dotech Vietnam Dotech Head type temperature sensor
Model: DPR-TH1-H6D100L*1/2
LSis Vietnam LS Inverter
Type: INV,SV040IG5A-4
Part No.: 6021000600
(SV 040 IG 5A-4)
4.0kW(5.4HP), 3 phase, 380~480VAC(+10%,-15%), 50~60Hz(±5%), 0.1~400Hz,  fixed keypad
HD: 9A
E2S Vietnam H100TF230G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H110TR012G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H110TR024G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H110TR115G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H110TR230G/[Y]
Novotechnik Vietnam Art No.: 024312



Novotechnik Vietnam Art No.: 24314


Type LWH-0360

Novotechnik Vietnam P/N: 024316


Type: LWH-0400

Novotechnik Vietnam Art No.: 024318


Type: LWH-0450

Novotechnik Vietnam P/N: 024324


Type: LWH-0600

Keyence Vietnam LV-N11N
Keyence Vietnam GT-2A12K
Keyence Vietnam EG-540
Keyence Vietnam EM-054
Keyence Vietnam PZ2- 62P
Heidenhain Vietnam R0D320.005-2500
ID: 291843-01
Heidenhain Vietnam ROD320.002
ID: 254847-05
Heidenhain Vietnam ROD320.005-2500 
ID: 291843-01
Heidenhain Vietnam ROD320-2500
ID: 538723-01
Heidenhain Vietnam ID: 254847-01
Kobold Vietnam REG-5125
Kobold Vietnam REG-5130
Kobold Vietnam REG-5140
Kobold Vietnam REG-5201
Kobold Vietnam REG-5202
Kobold Vietnam REG-5203