Residual current monitor, Type A SL 5882

• According to IEC/EN 62 020
• for AC and pulsating DC currants Type A to IEC/TR 60755
• 9 tripping values from 10 mA to 10 A or from 10 mA ... 30 A
• Frequency range 20 ... 2000 Hz
• Selection of manual or automatic reset
• With prewarning
• With test and reset button
• Broken wire detection
• Short reaction time
• With adjustable delay tv
• De-energized on trip
• LED indication for auxiliary supply and state of contact
• 2 x 1 changeover contact
• With sealable cover
• Devices available in 3 enclosure versions:
SL 5882: 100 mm deep with terminals near to the top to be mounted
in cabinets with mounting plate and cable ducts
- width 35 mm
- for connection of external residual current transformer,
e. g. DOLD ND 5016, ND5019

MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150522135 MTS RH-M-0150M-F30-1-A01
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150723054 MTS RH-M-0150M-F30-1-A01
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150526304 MTS RH-M-0190M-R10-1-A01
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150525185 MTS RHMO100MT 101S1B2100
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150529049 MTS RH-M-1200M-D63-1-P102
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/001 AC/DC110-230V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/001 AC/DC24-60V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/001 AC50/60HZ 110V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/001 AC50/60HZ 230V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/001/61 AC/DC24-60V
E2S Vietnam E2S28DMC301
E2S Vietnam E2S28DMC948
E2S Vietnam H100BX024G/[Y]
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ2-12GK-N
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ2-12GK-SN
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ2-12GM-N
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ2-12GM-N-V1
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ3-18GK-S1N
Bernstein Vietnam ASI SLK-F-R1-A0-0            B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI-CSMS-M-ST                B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI-CSMS-S                   B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI-CSMS-SET                 B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI SHS3 SA R ES             B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI Bi2 w D                  B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI Bi2 w                    B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI SK M                     B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI SK M D                   B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI SK F30 M                 B
Warren Rupp Vietnam Bơm màng hoạt động bằng khí nén
Model: S15B3P2PPAS100
Màng bơm, bi bơm: TEFLON
Lưu lượng max: 20.6 M3/ hour
Chất rắn dẫn động max: 12  mm
Áp suất max: 6.9 bar (100 PSI )
Cổng hút/xả: 1.5”  FLANGE
Univer Vietnam 1/8 BSP 5/2 PILOT/SPRING VALVE
Code: AC-7100
Pepperl Fuchs Vietnam Pepperl Fuchs Zener Barrier
Model: KFD 2-EB 2
Part-no.: 189783
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/001/61 AC50/60HZ 110V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/001/61 AC50/60HZ 230V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/002 AC50/60HZ 230V
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/003 AC/DC24-60V 0,2S
Dold Vietnam BD5936.17/009 AC/DC24-60V
E2S Vietnam H100BX115G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H100BX230G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H100BL030G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H100BL230G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H100TX024G/[Y]
Novotechnik Vietnam LWH-0375
Novotechnik Vietnam LWH-0450
Novotechnik Vietnam LWH-0450
Novotechnik Vietnam LWH-0450
Novotechnik Vietnam LWH-0900
Keyence Vietnam FU-35FZ
Keyence Vietnam FS-N11N
Keyence Vietnam PW-51
Keyence Vietnam FU-45X