Máy phát oxy OMD-507 CE Marked

Oxygen Transmitter CE Marked
Multiple Configurations: 2-wire, 6-wire, Hart or Intrinsically Safe with Zener Barriers
Precision Galvanic Fuel Cell Sensor Technology
Measure Trace, Percent or Purity Oxygen
Measures from 0.1 parts-per-million to 100%
Large Color Display w/ User Friendly Menu
Compact Inline Design
Auto-Ranging or Manual Range Mode
Accuracy: < 1% of Full Scale Range*
Calibration: Periodically with ambient air or certified span gas
Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.5 x 2.5 inch
Display: Full Color with Backlight
Enclosure: Rugged Nylon6 Upper and 304SS Lower
Flow Sensitivity: 0.5 - 5 SCFH
Gas Connections: 1/8" Swagelok Tube or 1/4" or 6mm
Output (Analog): 4 - 20mA and optional 0 - 10VDC
Digital Output: Optional Hart PROTOCOL

MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150608205 MTS RD4SR4B0075MD70S1G1105
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150610093 MTS EP-0-0550M-D34-1-A01
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150619133 MTS MSPSHM0360A10P102BTSX
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150623138 MTS EPO1400MD341A0
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150707047 MTS GHM0125MD60IA0
Dold Vietnam BC7933N.81 AC/DC24V 15-300S
Dold Vietnam BC7933N.81 AC/DC24V 3-60M
Dold Vietnam BC7933N.81 AC/DC24V 5-100S
Dold Vietnam BC7933N.81 AC110-240V ,15-3S
Dold Vietnam BC7933N.81 AC110-240V ,5-10H
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NCB2-12GM40-Z1
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NCB2-12GM40-Z1-V1
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NCB4-12GM35-Z4
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NCB4-12GM40-Z4-V1
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NCB4-12GM40-Z5-V1
Bernstein Vietnam SN2-U1Z HW                   C
Bernstein Vietnam SN2-U1Z DGKW                 C
Bernstein Vietnam SN2-U1Z AHS                  C
Bernstein Vietnam SN2-U1 AH                    C
Bernstein Vietnam SN2-SU1 FF                   C
Univer Vietnam Univer POPPET VALVE 3/2 N.C SOL/SPRING 1/4
Code: AF-2510
Gefran Vietnam Code: 401-DDR-0 
Mitsubishi Vietnam Code: Q2ASHCPU-S1  
Azbil Vietnam Code: C15MTR0RA0100
(SDC15 (C15TR0RA0100)) 
Funke+Huster Vietnam P/N: 21225117
Signalling hooter HPW 11, 220 VDC.
E2S Vietnam B400SLF250B/[Y]
E2S Vietnam B400SLH250B/[Y]
E2S Vietnam B400FLF012B/[Y]
E2S Vietnam B400FLF024B/[Y]
E2S Vietnam B400FLF048B/[Y]
Microsonic Vietnam Order no.: Mic+600/IU/TC
Microsonic Vietnam Order no.: Mic+600/DIU/TC
Microsonic Vietnam Order no.: Mic+600/DIU/TC/E
Microsonic Vietnam Order no.: Mic+600/DDIU/TC
Microsonic Vietnam Order no.: bks+3/FIU
Heidenhain Vietnam ID: 244957-01
Heidenhain Vietnam ID: 219698-03
Heidenhain Vietnam ID: 291697-05
Heidenhain Vietnam ID: 312 511 -02
Heidenhain Vietnam ROD 431 1024 
ID: 309.288-01
Kobold Vietnam INT-2111
Kobold Vietnam INT-2112
Kobold Vietnam INT-2113
Kobold Vietnam INT-2120
Kobold Vietnam INT-2121
Baumer Vietnam MHRM 12 G2501
Baumer Vietnam UNAM 18I6903/S14
Baumer Vietnam 1816903/S14
Baumer Vietnam UNAM 18I6903/S14
Baumer Vietnam MEX5-D20.B22