Insulation monitor LK 5895

• Insulation monitoring according to IEC/EN 61557-8
• Detection of symmetric and asymmetric insulation faults
• Measuring circuits can be disconnected via control terminals, e.g.
for mains couplings
• 1 changeover contact each for prewarning and alarm
• Prewarning threshold setting range: 20 kΩ ... 2 MΩ
• Alarm threshold setting range: 1 kΩ ... 250 kΩ
• Energized or de-energized on trip can be selected for output relay
• Setting the maximum leakage capacitance to shorten the response time
• Simple, clearly arranged adjustment of the device with screwdriver
• LED chain to indicate the current insulation resistance
• Display of active measuring circuits
• Automatic and manual device self-test
• Alarm storage selectable
• External test and reset pushbutton can be connected
• Width 90 mm

MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150720244 MTS 82182
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150729178 MTS M0D332514162
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150803193 MTS M0D332514162
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150803162 MTS RPS0350MD701S1B8100120
MTS Sensor Vietnam XJ20150814170 MTS RHM0050MD531P102
Dold Vietnam BD5980N.02 AC50/60HZ 230V
Dold Vietnam BD5980N.02 AC50/60HZ 240V
Dold Vietnam BD5980N.02 AC50/60HZ 24V
Dold Vietnam BD5980N.02 AC50/60HZ 42V
Dold Vietnam BD5980N.02 AC50/60HZ 48V
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GM50-WS-V13
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GK-N
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GK-SN
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GM-N
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam NJ4-12GM-N-V1
Bernstein Vietnam ASI PROG. SOFTWARE           B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI KABEL EPDM GELB          B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI KABEL EPDM SCHWARZ       B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI KOPPELMODUl M12 SCHR.    B
Bernstein Vietnam ASI KOP. M. 0.3 RK U. M12 G  B
Burkert Vietnam Burkert type 2000
Size: DN 65 
ID: 001398
Burkert Vietnam Burkert type 2000
Size: DN 40
ID: 001250
Burkert Vietnam Burkert type 2000
Size: DN 32
ID: 001249
Burkert Vietnam Burkert type 2000
Size: DN 25
ID: 001248
Mitsubishi Vietnam Mitsubishi Gear Motor;                                        
3 Phase
0.75 kW
200-220 V
Gear Ratio 20:1
60 Hz
(Gear Motor 
GM-S series
3 phase
0.5 kW
220-230 V
Gear ratio
60 Hz)
E2S Vietnam H110TX012G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H110TX024G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H110TX048G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H110TX115G/[Y]
E2S Vietnam H110TX230G/[Y]
Novotechnik Vietnam LWM-1200
Novotechnik Vietnam LWX 300-001
Novotechnik Vietnam LWX 300-002
Novotechnik Vietnam LWX 360-001
Novotechnik Vietnam LWX 450-001
Keyence Vietnam GT2-H72
Keyence Vietnam FD-M50AT
Keyence Vietnam PZ-FU-54TZ
Keyence Vietnam MS2-H50 (2.1A)
Keyence Vietnam PX-H71
Heidenhain Vietnam ID: 291843-01
Heidenhain Vietnam ROD320.002-2500
ID: 254847-01
Heidenhain Vietnam ROD320.005-5000
ID: 538723-02
Heidenhain Vietnam ERN-420-1024-35S12-03-K0,3
ID: 385420-16
Heidenhain Vietnam RCN-727-32768-03S17-7V-K-1,00-02-29A54C-64-01
ID: 529716-01
Kobold Vietnam REG-5204
Kobold Vietnam REG-5206
Kobold Vietnam REG-5208
Kobold Vietnam REG-5210
Kobold Vietnam REG-5212